Help and Support

How to download Darisini app?
Darisini app is available on Apple Store and Google Play. For iOS devices, you need to have software version 4.2 and above. For Android, Darisini works for OS Version 2.2 and above.
How to get current location before searching under a category?
You can get your current location (using built-in GPS) by double-tapping Darisini logo.
How to call venue's phone number?
You can do that easily: tap the phone number, the phone icon, or by shaking your phone (only works for iOS device).
How to fix current location?
If you find incorrect venue details, please use "Fix this location" link and provide suggestions for that certain location. We'll do the rest.
How does Darisini define location?
We don't always give the exact location of a location. A location is defined as "if you reach the destination, it means that you're near from it." Or, you can also read it as "it's somewhere in that building."
Can users help data validity information?
Yes. For every location, users can participate to fix the location. You can send report like "Miscategorised", "Wrong Name", "Wrong Location", and also "Business is Closed". Your report will be recorded and we'll fix it.
Is there a room for partnership?
We can talk. Send you email to:

General contact: