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Darisini is an iOS and Android app that helps you to find the nearest locations based on categories. Find a location/destination easily.

Frequently Asked

How Darisini is different from other location-based service/app?
Darisini is not a location-based social network -- at least for now. We put Darisini as a personal reference. You will not have social features (location check-in, social connection with friends, etc). In short, you will not be able to share your current location, what you're doing. We don't provide such features.
Supported platforms?
We currently support iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS 4.x and 5.x) and Android (2.2 and above). We do have plan to bring our application to other platforms like BlackBerry, Symbian, and also Windows Phone. All data are not available in desktop/mobile browsers. You can get all features only from the application. We don't have plan to create mobile-web version near the future.
Why the iOS version always gets the latest features (compared to Android)?
We choose iOS platform as our priority. It does not mean that we want to abandon the Android or other platforms in our plan. We want to focus first to bring a stable, strong and great application and we find that iOS is the best choice right now.
Is it free?
Yes. You can download Darisini app for free from Apple's App Store and Google Play.
More data?
We realize that you might have tons of data you might want to share with us through Darisini application. There is always a possibility to provide more data/categories. Drop us an email, please.
Can companies/businesses put the data for Darisini app?
The short answer is: Yes. We want to make Darisini useful for more people. If your company many locations and want them to be listed in our application, we're happy to bring them to our users. No matter you have ten, fifty, one hundred or more. Contact us for details.
Public API
Currently, we do not have public API.
News and updates
For the latest development updates and also little notes from us, please visit our blog (also the release note page). You can also follow @darisiniapp on Twitter.

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